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What are trademarks?

Trademarks are meant to protect your brand and, more to the point, the consumers who rely on it. When you see a trademark, you can associate a certain level of quality with the source that uses it.

A good trademark will have little to nothing to do with the product or service. For instance, McDonald's classic "Golden Arches" logo independently have no relation to the fast food industry, and chances are quite low that any other restaurant would accidentally pick the same design. Similarly, Owens Corning chose to make their fiberglass insulation pink to attract attention to their brand and make it recognizable. Because the coloring has nothing to do with the practical use of fiberglass, the company can be confident that their trademark will hold up to any scrutiny by competitors.

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Trademark FAQ

If you are using a brand that allows consumers to identify that goods or services are from your business, you have a trademark. Registration of a trademark is not required, but does have advantages, including the right to use the trademark in any state.
It generally takes about 18 months, but that can vary with the application and any backlog at the USPTO.
Trademark applications are best done by a professional. While it is possible to file on your own, a simple mistake may cost you hundreds of dollars and lots of time, and could place your protection in jeopardy.
Trademarks do not expire until they are no longer used in commerce. There are trademarks around that have been in use for hundreds of years!
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Service Fees Government Fees
Initial Consultation $25
Application $600 $250 to $350 per class
Intent to use: additional $100 per class

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