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Welcome to Seattle Patent Group LLC

Seattle Patent Group LLC provides exceptional service in the preparation and prosecution of patent applications. We can provide patent applications in such diverse subjects as software, electrical and mechanical devices, games, and clothing.

In today's society, ideas can make up a large portion of a company's value. Using the proper means to provide protection can make the difference between success and failure. Intellectual property management is particluarly critical when working with and developing new technology. Intellectual property services we can provide include:

Patents may be desired for several reasons. You may want to license other people or companies to use your invention, you may want to cross-license with other companies to obtain access to their intellectual property, or you may want to prevent others from using your ideas. We can discuss with you what makes sense for your individual needs.

In the United States, patents are available to the first person to file a patent application on a new, nonobvious, and useful invention. Our training, knowledge, and experience can help you obtain the appropriate type of protection for your requirements.

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